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A Guide For Healing Touch Through Astrology, Energy Healing

by miketyson

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The very world of a hypnotherapist or a psychic reader will conjure up images of someone clad in dark robes, laced with beaded necklaces and vermilion and ash smeared all over the forehead and body. A tantric is what people will first visualise, and then they hear astrology or energy healing. The strangest part is that people seek these processes when they are in some kind of trouble such as disease, loss of articles, knowing about the future and others. But, the reality, as Mr Praveen Saanker, Mr Prakash Menon and their team have proved and even propagated, is far flung from such beliefs among the masses.

Most of the teachings of their beliefs are being brought into the masses through Divinity Academy, an institute for making people aware that the concepts of energy healing, chakras therapies, hypnosis, healing therapy, face reading, palmistry, etc are deep rooted in the Indian Vedic literature and rituals. Scientific explanations prove that these concepts have modern day applications if properly utilised in improving the personality and well being of people.

Through different means, Divinity Academy and Mr Praveen Saanker and his group of accomplished hypnotherapists and clairvoyants have been trying to bring about a change in the mindset of people towards hypnosis, energy healing, healing therapy, astrology, tantra, palmistry, and related beliefs. They aim to make people understand the scientific basis of the use of these techniques in improving the standard of living in day to day life.

Seminars and workshops on various topics are being held. Workshops on Vedic astrology show that calculations and predictions using the positions of stars since the time of the ancient Vedas have relevance in the modern day forecasts as well. Indian astrology is based on science related to planets and universe and is not any kind of supernatural theory. Besides the seminars and workshops, there are documents and electronic books and CDs which are published by the academy for making it easier for people to go through the modern thoughts on Vedic astrology, and allay any confusion about it.

By the teachings imparted through various classes and counselling, people are able to look at the concept of energy healing, through the scientific, technological and cultural perspective. Role of chakras and their application in the health and well being is quite important and this message is brought forth in front of the common man by unravelling the truths, facts and contents of Indian ancient literature. There are also certification courses, which are designed in different durations for allowing interested people to take up the course as per their convenience.

Divinity Academy has held its fort by striving in every possible way to give people a new perspective on various ancient rituals and cultural heritage. In relevance to the modern day applications, hypnosis, energy healing, astrology, face reading, psychic reading, etc are being taught to people, through different means. But, all of these aims at one particular thing and that is the general awareness of people. It would be a gradual but sure process towards educating people and driving away their superstitions and wrong beliefs, and Divinity Academy is the first step towards a bigger goal.

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