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How Document Storage Company Protects Your Files

by rubybadcoe

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Do you know how a storage company warehouses your documents? Maybe more important, how do they do it to protect you and your business? Document storage is a growing concern among companies and it is important that this concern is addressed to ensure your documents are safe and secure.

Los Angeles is a leading center of business and trade following the huge support from the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Business Policy. Many companies that have set-up business in this city spend much to secure their documents, especially with laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) keeping a watchful eye over them. Here’s a look at a document storage company and its facilities for storing and protecting every business’ files.

A document storage facility entails a huge investment. Despite this, a reputable company spends for it with the goal to deliver the most efficient and reliable service to its clients. Officials of the company also make sure they comply with government policies on document storage for better customer service.

A document storage facility is often housed in a building about 400,000 square feet to provide enough space for all machines and software. The facility is seismically constructed with steel-reinforced concrete to shield against earthquakes and violent storms. It also has built-in sprinklers and industrial-strength security systems to protect against fire and intruders. Additional protection includes digital locks, wireless surveillance cameras, and multi-door entry mantrap areas. Trained personnel with restricted access oversee the place and have electronic keys for increased security.

Within the facility for document storage Los Angeles business documents are kept is a world class, self-contained, fire-proof vault that stores the servers with your computer files; and storage slots for tangible media like DVDs. The vaults have an ambient temperature and relative humidity to keep the servers from overheating. All tangible media are bar-coded for tracking and accountability.

Aside from the physical structure, software is also given priority. A reputable company for document storage Los Angeles businesses rely on invests on software designed to handle the complexities and details of storing and securing all files, and retrieving them at the time they are needed. While using the latest anti-virus and anti-malware solutions that are constantly updated for protection, the software provides a web-based interface you and select people can use to access documents and inventory.

It takes more than just a structure and software for a data management company that provides document storage Los Angeles businesses trust to protect valuable files. It also entails commitment to provide excellent service and utmost security. Read more about document storage from and

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