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Features of an effective web content extractor

by anonymous

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Web content extractors have occupied a special place on the Internet as web sites have become more advanced from a technical aspect. Features and functionality of content extractors has kept pace with the unique requirements needed in order to pull data from sites with dynamic or database-driven information.


Data is always required to be in as meaningful format as possible so that various operations can be executed on it to get the desired outcome. The need to manipulate the information has been the driving force for advancements and improvements for web content extractors.


These tools reduce the efforts, time and costs associated with basic tasks related to data extraction and mining. These applications are useful for any small-, medium- and large-sized organization. The software applications make use of API or scripting language to visit the targeted web sites and retrieve the data.


When selecting the tool for your projects, it is helpful to keep in mind how the software will be used and who is using it:


  • Business analysts must be able to get relevant information, such as assembling statistics for business plans, keeping track of customers' feedback and monitoring the pricing strategies of competitors.

  • An effective web content extractor must support various formats such as Excel, CSV, text, XML, HTML, MS Access database, so as to not limit its usefulness.

  • Depending upon the price, multiple users should be able to create an account so they can work with it concurrently. This reduces the time taken to complete extraction jobs or allows multiple jobs to be worked on at one time.

  • Security is one of the most important features and the application which you choose should have built-in security options and the extracted data should be accessible online.

  • The interface of the web data extractor must be user-friendly and intuitive to prevent it from being too daunting for non-technical users. When reviewing options, if a demo is not available, pay close attention to screen shots and menu options.

  • Speed is also important, so ensure the software can complete your projects in a timely manner.


Choosing the best application


The Internet makes it possible to fully research and choose a web content extractor suitable for your needs. Available products range from very basic with minimal features to the extremely advanced with more capabilities than most users need. Spending time during this phase of the selection process will save time in the long run.


The business software category of web content extractor has grown quickly over the past few years. These products are used by sales organizations, data integrators, business analysts, researchers, bloggers and many others who need to gather and compare all types of information. Without the software, the task of acquiring the data would be painfully slow and ineffective. Because of then, numerous businesses have been getting the benefits from this application and working towards making their presence felt.



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