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Roofing Materials : Do Exceptionally Well When Near Seawater

by brendangertner

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On one side, you have the port of Vancouver; on the other side, the Pacific. Being close to the sea, Vancouver gets visited by a cool sea breeze at daytime, helpful in cooling the dense city. But it’s actually bad news if your roofing material is not suited to such conditions.

Sea breeze is more than just fresh air; it usually carries some brine with it, which is a nightmare for houses in the city with pure steel roofs. The way salt fosters corrosion in ferrous metals is a matter of science; but the basic idea is that the salt contributes more ions to the water which makes its molecules bond more readily with the iron, making the metal oxidize more rapidly. It just so happens that the sea breeze blowing in Vancouver is chock full of salt particles. Your best bet is to choose a roofing material that’s resistant to these corrosive agents which are ever present in the air along these coasts.

Corrosion resistance

Copper and stainless steel work best in resisting corrosion, as they are protected by a thin chromium layer that acts as a barrier to further corrosion. So, even if rust has begun on the surface of the metal, the thin layer forms a passive barrier that does not encourage the rust to progress into the roof surface. One thing to take note of in metal roofs is the distance between two different metals.

Copper and stainless steel, when near other metals, may initiate a process called the galvanic effect. This is a process where two metals that are far apart in the galvanic scale make contact. In this case, the less noble metal corrodes due to the exchange of electrons during the process.

No corrosion here

If you really want to prevent your roofing from corroding, choose materials that are absolutely impervious to the effects of oxidation. Roofing companies Vancouver residents rely on offer non-metal materials such as slate tiles and asphalt shingles. Salt in the crisp, cool Vancouver air won’t even bother with such roofing materials. They can also last a long time, just as long as metal roofs.

While Vancouver is a wonderful place to live in, it’s important for residents to maintain their homes in the severe climate conditions of the area. Take your time in picking a good material a roofing company in Vancouver can offer you. The salt in the cool Vancouver sea breeze won’t be going away for a while.

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