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Popular Celebrity Tax Evasion Suit You Need to Know

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You have a tendency to get away with a lot of points if you happen to be gallant and renowned. Many stars at times get away with the support of a good lawyer. If there is one thing that they can never get away with however, it's neglecting to pay taxes.

"There is no greater criminal than a man without money." is probably the most memorable line in Kurt Weill's opera Mahagonny. In this scenario, it's more like there is no bigger criminal than a man who has cash and covers it from the government. From the "queen of mean" Leona Helmsley to incredible action star Wesley Snipes, specified under are a few the ideal examples of how the gallant and recognized weren't pardoned from the clutches of the tax man. Read them carefully and learn from their mistakes lest you get smacked with a tax lien or worse, prison sentence.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

The well known singer-songwriter Robin Thicke and his Mission Impossible superstar wife, Paula Patton were served tax lien late last year. The Hollywood duo was evidently behind on their taxes which consisted of $ 492,583. They reportedly failed to pay income taxes in 2009 and in 2010. The couple has since paid off the financial debt.

Willie Nelson

Many people must learn from the mistake of Willie Nelson and take a much more lively task and receive a great tax assistance. The country crooner was once slapped with a $32 million fine apparently due to his accountant's blunder. Nelson reportedly settled the case for around $16 million; to acquire funds, he released the cd titled The IRS Tapes-- Who'll Buy My Memories? Better get solving with the tax calculator if you wish to prevent unnecessary headaches as this from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Leona Helmsley

Although some condemn their tax afflictions due to mismanagement of finances, some defiantly mess with the IRS simply to remunerate it exceedingly in the end. The "queen of mean" Leona Helmsley who died in 2007 was notoriously quoted as saying, "Only the little people pay taxes." Helmsley was convicted of tax evasion in 1992 after declaring $2.6 million worth of false company expenditures and spent 4 years of serving in jail.

Wesley Snipes

Blade celebrity Wesley Snipes is presently imprisoned and serving his three year prison sentence for income tax evasion; Snipes failed to file income taxes for a whopping 5 years from 1999 to 2004. To avoid these avoidable complications, seek professional and skilled tax help obtainable online; these experts could offer you advice on what to do if you are having difficulty paying value-added tax (VAT) and some other taxes. Visit for more information.

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