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A Moment Is Perfect Having A Tall Sparkling Glass In Hand

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moment is perfect having a tall sparkling glass in hand, sitting in a perfect
lounge with perfect music and dance floor amidst you which forces you to dance
making you forget all your worries and tensions. If you are also living in
Vizag and are also looking for such entertainment pubs where you can enjoy to
your fullest, here are some great pubs in Vizag for you. No doubt, there are no
many pubs in Vizag but still there are many which can provide you with perfect
combination of fun and frolic.

Not much pubs
were there in Vizag until the arrival of chrome. There were only few before the
introduction of Chrome into town but they were only few and lacked in the real
sense of pubs. But when Chrome came into town, it hit and changed the entire
scene of the city. It was a perfect pub with perfect classic decor with the
perfect combination of elements to make pub a better experience for you.
Bartenders offered by Chrome are also up to mark and offer drinks in various
styles like home groan and crazy kamikaze. Lights in the Chrome pubs are
perfect and they know the fact that where lighting is supposed to be high and
where it requires to be low with correct usage of colors.

But soon
after the introduction of Chrome, there were many pubs in Vizag which marked
their presence. 10 Downing Street was another pub soon after Chrome at Waltair
Main road. With this came the chain of pubs having the same name and got
distributed here and there in the city. The pub became famous for its English
like look and youngsters solved it because of the quality of music played

these, there are some pubs which are basically bars but provide with the full
essence of a pub. One of such is someplace else situated at the park hotel on
RK beach road. It is a perfect spot for a perfect evening on beach side. If you
are missing the pub hop, then, do check out the Lawson’s lounge situated at the
former Taj Residency and now the Gateway Hotel.  Grand Bay and Marco Polo
are also some good choices for having a wonderful evening amidst the good
played music.

If you are
looking for some good wine along with good music, then don’t forget to catch
Escape situated at the green park. It is a perfect place that you should choose
to explore. Dolphin hotel’s wood house also entrains you on the same grounds.
Interiors are perfect having a wood look. Besides this, Temptation situated at
Royal Fort Hotel in Asilmetta provides you with the same feel.  Temptation
is a bar along with hotel and provides its visitors with a perfect combination of
Continental and Indian cuisines along with licking cocktails,

Vizag has a
much lot to offer than it seems. You are just required to explore each and
every inch of city to find out the new avenues.


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Based on the outskirts of South East London,
John Hazel has a BA in Journalism and writes about the wonderful and the
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