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Escort blogs can be incredibly fun to read

by glenbrado

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In a world where absolutely everything is online, it seems that we are well on the way to making pen and paper obsolete. Scrapbooks are rapidly being overtaken by Pinterest, informational quips are being broadcast through Twitter and journals are being replaced by blogs on Tumblr. Either way, we are now more open with what we are doing in our life than we ever have been. Whenever we kept a diary, we did it safe in the knowledge that no one would ever see it. But now, it seems more and more is being written with the hopes of exposure because of the great things that can come from it. The internet is constantly being scouted for the next rising star: YouTube for videos of potential pop stars, photography blogs for the next David Bailey and photo galleries for the next Kate Moss. But it’s the blogs that can really take off for a select few. Secret Diary of a Call Girl, a hit TV show starring the beautiful Billie Piper, was as a result of an escort blog by a woman under the pseudonym of Belle de Jour, who would type up her escapades for all to read. It remained shrouded in secrecy, before coming forward and admitting it was her that worded the beautifully written entries. Staying anonymous allowed her to carry on with her work. After all, who would go out with an escort that is known to the public? One of the major factors that leads to a girl’s success in this industry is that she be skilled both in the art of seduction as well as discretion. The last thing you want is to be uncovered when you’re on your oyster course during a fabulous meal. The esteemed gentleman doesn’t have time for a full-time partner, which is why they opt for the companions, and hope they don’t end up on an entry as the the escorts blog their movements. Instead they are discreet and only reveal a tiny amount of detail to their readers. Just enough to keep them interested. Whilst the London escorts blog about their clients, their feelings, and their hopes for the future, it allows them to be honest with themselves about what they do. The girls working as escorts in the city do so because they love what they do, and they do what they love. There is still an undercurrent of judgement residing with certain people, and as such, force people doing honest work to shield beneath a veil of anonymity. This just means that they find other ways of still maintaining an honesty about what they do, by blogging about it. It can spur people on to be completely honest and say they hate their jobs, encouraging them to find alternative employment. Life’s too short to worry about what everyone else thinks.

Author information: Based on the outskirts of South East London, Glan Brado has a BA in Journalism and writes about the wonderful and the fabulous in the city.  He is the author of this article on Escort blogs can be incredibly fun to read. Find more information on Beautiful women with wonderful culture and diverse style here.


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