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Facebook Online Store: Get Your Business through Facebook

by rickpetko9179

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People want to make their business popular, make their business brand strong. It is a really tough job to make a business brand popular. A strong brand within social media connects people with a company or representation of the business behind those products. Successful branding can increase sales, increase word-of-mouth marketing, and build a loyal fan base that continues to be repeat customers throughout the life span of the company.


A great way to connect with customers is through Facebook. Facebook has made it extremely easy to set up a business page for your brand or product to enable your customers to ‘Like’ you, thereby creating a fan base that you have complete communication access to. Successful business page engagements create an environment where loyal fans want to be to explore news, photos, videos, contest, surveys, and now, mini online shops that provide exclusive deals for their facebook fans.


Social Commerce has gained great traction throughout the last couple of years, and it is here to stay. The success that brands have created by having their products on facebook accessible by their fans have immediately seen engagement growth, sustainable low-cost marketing, and most of all, a better connection and retention of their current customer base while spreading word about their products in a non-intrusive manner.


The best application that is cost effective, markets your products by showcasing them in a beautiful shop on facebook, is Storefront Social. Storefront Social began offering businesses customizable self-serve storefronts on facebook that have become wildly successful and sustained their growth in a very competitive marketplace. The storefronts are beautiful, easy-to-use, and fully customizable. For less than $10 a month, businesses can market their products on facebook in a facebook online store.


Shopping on facebook isn’t what people are on facebook to do. But, connecting with people, recommending products, services, and finding deals online have proven to be a goldmine on Facebook for businesses. Using a facebook store application to generate more traffic to your online store is a simple way to increase your overall website traffic and protects you from having multiple silos of customer information, transaction details, and overall fulfillment issues. Use facebook for what it’s intended for: connecting with your customers. If you can engage and connect with your customer and offer them specials and information about your products, then your business can only become even more successful!

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