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Senator Catharine young never fails to go for Fight Against

by catharineyoung1

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Being New York State Senator and having nearly 57 districts to rule over, Cathy Young is said to write bills that are helpful for only the upper section of the NYC society, though her district is way beyond 300 miles. According to many, the sole reason for such a favor from her side is the finance for the re-election is said to come from the pockets of these landlords. Distributing Christmas gifts in the mid of April is also one such act that is performed with the same intention.

The meeting of Senate Committee held in end of April, is said to have being conducted to discuss on issues like Housing, Construction and Community Development. But the sole purpose was way beyond the above mentioned intentions. Senator Catharine young have introduced five bills that have directly affected the rights of the tenants that are on stabilized rent living in NYC. Details of the bills and their treacherous functionaries have been discussed below.

S5041A: This is found to be a powerful strength given to the landlords who can now evict the tenants and would be unable to file the city or state tax return. The same is applied for those who vote in the wrong place. But the racism does not stop here. Under this bill, a landlord would be allowed to challenge the primary residence during the lease period.

S5152: Senator Catharine Young has also allowed the removal of those tenants which do not fall under the category of disabled or senior citizen (over 62 years old) if there is an immediate requirement for the landlords to live there. In return there is no need to give the demonstration even if it is for a short while.

S6472: This bill is sure to bring laughs back on the tenants rather than evil smiles. 20% of the rent can be increased if the resident vacates or dies and if the family members are ready to continue with the lease.

S6473: In place of the condition of the annual income of the tenant to be above $200,000, it is the average to be considered in return.

S6515: The right of renewal of the rent is said to have abolished but still valid for one year lease.

The rent regulated tenants are really suffering to the extent that various websites have been launched for making others aware of this injustice happening with those who are not able to vote for or against Cathy Young.

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