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Web Hosting: A Modern Way to Promote Your Business

by roseector

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If the Internet was the print media industry and the newspaper represented your business, the articles on your paper won’t reach your readers if you didn’t have a publisher. This is your web hosts; it controls the Internet servers so your Website is accessible to everyone. Today, web hosting is an in-demand service, particularly to businesses that are trying their hands at online marketing.


It’s quite interesting to note that the idea of web hosting started to be developed a few decades ago already. It was conceptualized by J.C.R. Licklider, a computer scientist in MIT in 1962. He wrote articles about a “Galactic Network” which allowed computers around the world to be interconnected, and where people can get information from any website. In 1965, he headed the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) at MIT to further develop the concept of computer networking.


There are several services a web host offers including hosting of emails, images, blogs, and videos. Email hosting services are like the paid version of your normal free webmail. The difference between the two is that with email hosting, you can get premium email services like the ability to add multiple accounts and to customize settings. Image hosting service, on the other hand, lets you upload pictures on a website. The photos are then stored in the site’s server, providing you with codes to let others view the images.


A blog hosting service uses software to publish and maintain blogs online, such as the free popular software WordPress. Video streaming media hosting service, meanwhile, lets you upload video clips to a website, enabling you to cut bandwidth costs. This is rapidly becoming popular since users don’t have to go through the hassle of using complicated programming to upload, stream, and embed videos on the net.


If you’re a business owner, you can utilize streaming video hosting to post promotional videos and commercials anytime you want. Flex your creative muscles in endorsing new products or announcing seasonal promotions—without stretching your budget. And unlike TV or print ads, your videos will be accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, which translates to prospect customers from practically anywhere in the world.  


Many web hosts are also compatible with mobile apps, making streaming video web hosting very flexible and up-to-date. Find a host that best meets your requirements and watch your company’s website attract more visitors. For more information about web hosting, log on to

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