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Aseako Electric Bike, Aseako Electric Bike Review, Aseako

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ASEAKO Group is an Australian company that produces High Torque Centrally Driven Electric Bikes. ASEAKO produces 3 models which they sell direct to the public at wholesale prices on the ASEAKO website -



The ASEAKO Electric Bicycle is great for people who live around hilly terrain and find those hills too cumbersome for a standard hub motor style electric bike – they need that extra torque to climb those hills, which only an ASEAKO Central Drive System can provide.

People who live in the city or the suburbs that wish to avoid paying high prices for parking are attracted to our electric bikes, according to the manufacturer. Also, the bike provides an eco-friendly means of transportation and helps owners avoid paying high fuel prices.

As of 2012, ASEAKO has a new updated High Torque Reducer along with lots of other upgrades, which only improves the quality of the ASEAKO electric bike once again – this is the second round of upgrades in less than 18 months – ASEAKO is really on the move to create the most powerful, cost effective electric bike available in Australia.



The frame is constructed of a very strong aluminium alloy, and can support a maximum weight of about 120 kg. The ASEAKO Electric Bike incorporates the Shimano 8 Speed Alivio Derailleur to adjust the drivetrain and the Shimano RS410 Shifter to smoothly shift through the gears.

The ASEAKO Electric Bicycle comes standard with V Brakes, but Tektro Disc Brakes are a factory fitted option on some models for an extra $129, or the customer can buy a Tektro Disc Brake kit later if they wish from the ASEAKO website; just look in the spare parts section.

The Battery is an Advanced Lithium Polymer Quick Release battery, which can be removed from the bike in 5 – 10 seconds. The battery has a lock and key so that the battery cannot be stolen. The battery also has a Battery Management System (BMS), which will protect the battery in the event of low voltage.

The Smart Charger takes 4-6 hours to charge the battery and has an auto cut out to protect the battery. The ASEAKO 200W High Speed Motor is a brushless design, which is sealed, and requires zero maintenance.


Power Train

ASEAKO Electric Bikes use a Unique Patented Central Drive System, which increases the torque created by the motor to a massive 109 N.M. at the crank. The Patented Two Level Reducer reduces the RPM of the High-Speed Brushless Motor from 1500 RPM to 65 RPM at the crank.

The Shimano Alivio gears are then used to adjust and transfer this torque to the rear wheel - this gives the rider the ability to navigate hilly terrain with ease - Hub-type motors do not have the ability to do this.

Hub - type motors are located in the centre of the front or real wheel so the torque of the motor cannot be adjusted. By riding an ASEAKO Electric Bike, you gain 286% more torque than a hub-type Electric Bike.



The ASEAKO Electric bicycles are available in three models – the ASEAKO SPORT, the ASEAKO MOTO and the ASEAKO ALTO. The SPORT is a great commuting electric bike, the ALTO is a step thru design which makes it an easy electric bicycle to mount and dismount, and the MOTO has front and rear suspension which is great for off road commuting. Of course all models are ideal for any terrain.

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