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Home comforts are nice, but adventures are Exciting

by bennycamp

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It goes without saying, that the same things can differ greatly to different people. Even when they’re worse than something else, they may still choose to reject it in favour of their own choice. No? Not following, just yet? Bear with us, we are professionals at this, after all. The best way to explain it is a roast. A roast dinner, don’t be rude. Everyone, we believe, is unanimous in thinking that their mum’s roast dinner is the best. There might be one maternal figure who does it all really healthy, with an abundance of vegetables, thick gravy and turkey that looks like it has just been cooked in golden syrup because it shimmers so bloody much! But then again, you have a particular matriarch who does quite a small turkey, but fills up the plate with cauliflower cheese, pigs in blanket, cranberry sauce and so on. We’ve all had someone else’s roast dinner, even if it’s just the pub, though Wetherspoons we will not accept. And we all agree, if only secretly, that our own family’s is the best. That’s because we like things that we know.

It’s exactly like takeaways. If you’re used to having Chinese, and then opt for it round a mates, it will always taste different. This only urges us to stay in and have what we know and are comfortable with. But then what if the Chinese is incredibly delicious and miles better than anything you’ve ever had. You didn’t know what you were doing, but were adventurous enough to try it and discovered it was something you enjoyed. This is exactly the case with the incall escorts London has to offer. Whilst you might be used to having the companions come to you, wary of venturing outside the box, or your front door, as the case may be, you never know what joyous things could be awaiting you. And when it comes to the London incall escorts, you know they can only ever be good.

We know it will be hard to leave the drawer for one night, the drawer that feeds you at the weekends, the drawer that is in everyone's house that we try to hide, but always get our comeuppance if someone asks ‘where are your takeaway menus?’. That’s because when they get there, are met with a wad of pamphlets that have been well used, apart from the ones with the absolute rubbish puns. In fact, how those ones got in there, we will never know. Either way, we are definitely more accustomed to staying in than going out. We think it’s having our belongings around us that makes us so comfortable. That, and it’s the easier choice. But when you have the chance to spend time with an incall escort London has to offer, just go for it.

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