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The Heated Debate Over Mineral Makeup

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Makeup is a constant of the modern day to day. Whether it's women going to the office or trying to doll up for a night on the town, the best makeup solutions are all that will do. Fierce competition over who has the best product and the best ideas lead to the creation of Mineral Makeup, which has been marketed and used ever since the 1970s. Even today though, the debate rages hot over whether or not this mineral product is as good as the advertisers claim it is.

These mineral cosmetics, offered by companies like
Micabeauty, have a fairly simple approach. The logic is that, because they're mineral that the makeup is less processed and is thus better for your skin and for your body, with the implication that it also wears better than many liquid makeups. The reality is that these mineral products are nowhere near as natural as many PR pieces might claim, and that whether or not they work for you is largely a matter of whether or not you have the right kind of skin and you can find just the right shade for your particular style of beauty.

How Natural Are They?

According to cosmetic chemists interviewed by WebMD, just because makeup says it's mineral, that doesn't mean it's mined, ground and promptly put into a compact for your use. This makeup is often made using minerals like zinc oxide, which has to be manufactured in a lab. This means that it is very unlikely that your mineral cosmetics are more natural than any other kind of makeup on the market, but they might be less processed. It depends on what's in them, but according to cosmetic chemists it seems that the word mineral is just a marketing term with little practical value.

Are Mineral Cosmetics Better?

This is a matter of some debate, especially among makeup professionals. Some swear by mineral cosmetics, and others will only use them as an absolute last resort. Claims vary, with some claiming that mineral cosmetics create a cake like layer, while others say that it is like a smooth, healthy second skin on the face of the person wearing it. Either way though, the claims that
mineral makeup is good for your skin don't seem to have much base.

It seems that, in the long run, if you want healthy skin, you should avoid makeup when possible.

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