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About a top-notch download manager that Mac OS X systems are

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When dealing with download managers for Mac users there are several issues that one has to consider. For Mac OS X users, it is important that the download manager is compatible with the operating system. An example of a fine download manager Mac is the Speed Download 5 and there are several reasons as to why it is arguably the best download manager Mac systems use including its turbocharged download capabilities, built-in FTP client, encrypted file sharing, as well as full iDisk integration.


Its turbocharged download capabilities enable auto-resuming all the time while the built-in FTP client ensures a fully-featured secure FTP functionality. Additionally, the encrypted file sharing ensures that users’ files are shared with other SD users securely while enabling quick and easy access to the iDisk.


The Speed Download Manager Mac system currently in widespread use is the Speed Download 5 version. The Speed Download Lite version is also available. Both of these download mangers bear the Yazsoft trademark and may be purchased and downloaded from their official website. The Speed Download 5 version introduces a new interface that is designed to increase users’ productivity with fewer mouse clicks and hence redefining what the users can do with their time online. This best download manager Mac also features a newly introduced SD minimized mode and which is a serious upgrade to the Speed Download Floater. This mode fully supports drag n drop functions, and it is completely resizable and customizable, and a whole lot more. In minimized mode the SD is more discrete on the users’ Macs while saving screen space.


It is very desirable that your download manager Mac of choice can provide you with the fastest and most reliable download experience. Speed Download 5 and Speed Download Lite both use the same state-of-the-art Speed Download Engine to meet this particular criterion. Speed Download Lite is a stripped down version of Speed Download 5 whereby it just offers the download manager without any of the extra features e.g. FTP, File Sharing, WEBDAV, etc, found in Speed Download 5. The Lite version was created in response to a big demand from users who just wanted the best download manager Mac aspect available in Speed Download 5.


For this download manager Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or later is required before download. In addition, an internet connection and any popular Mac OS browser are needed. Being considered as the best download manager Mac has not made this software unaffordable. The prices on the official Yazsoft website stand at $25 for the regular version and $20 for the stripped down version.

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