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Come summer and Berlin gears up for the mega event of hosting its ritual-fun and frolic filled Hipster festival. Showcase will be at the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012. Ace performers and amateurs find common ground at the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012.

 There’ll be lot of music flowing in the air. Events and contests are held and if you are interested in purchasing some hip clothing and accessories at throw away prices, this is the place to be. If you want to impress your friends with the latest in hipster hairstyle, look no further. You’ll even find stalls of hipster salons to give you a funky hairstyle.

 The climax is the parade which takes place on the Sunday. The entire venue turns in to a mega party podium. The air gets electrified with as some of the famous bands perform live.

 The festival is gaining wide publicity and expects more than half a million visitors during the 4 days. You can hear the people screaming: "BerlinHipsterFestival2012", "Berlin Hipster Festival 2012" and again "BerlinHipsterFestival2012". Owing to its increasing popularity, this festival is being used as a platform for organizations to promote their products and give freebies. This open air party buzzes with life for the entire 4 days. One can say that the city doesn’t sleep during these 4 days.

 It’s time again for The Gendarmenmarkt, considered as one of the beautiful squares in Europe, Berlin to be turned into the tuning ground for the five day Classic open Air festival.

Ever since 1992, every summer The Gendarmenmarkt turns into a great concert arena and same is expected this year during Berlin hipster festival 2012. Over the last 19 years, operetta and musical recitals have regularly been performed during this festival.

This particular place is chosen for the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012, the open air music festival because it is one of the most beautiful places not only in Berlin but also in entire of Europe, which makes it a spectacular backdrop for live musical performances.

The entire space resonates with music and you can take pleasure in the concert and the flowing music, sitting in the warm evening sun, drinking a beer, enjoying an ice cream, without the cost of actually buying any ticket.

Over the years, the Open air music festival has quickly gained popularity and the number of people attending it has increased every year. It has become an attraction for national as well as international visitors and artists too.


With visitors and performers from across 70 countries, the streets of Berlin suddenly become the most favored destination of the global tourists because of <a href="">Berlin Hipster Festival 2012</a>

Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 . All in all, if you are a spectator, performer or an organization, Berlin is the most happening place during the festival time.


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