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Inaccessible partition due to Invalid configurati

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It is like a regular custom for computer users to make different partitions to their hard disks and keep their data categorically into them. Apart from this, users also install different operating systems into different partitions. However, while booting an operating system from a particular partition, you may encounter some stop errors. These error messages pops up making the booting process cease and the partition in which the particular operating system is being installed, becomes inaccessible. In that situation, to access the saved data from the inaccessible partition, you need to follow certain steps of windows recovery and finally a clean installation of the operating system, if Windows recovery fails. With a clean installation of the operating system, all your data will be erased, hence, you need to restore them from the latest backup. Real problem arises when you don't have available backup or for any reason, the backup fails to restore your data. Then, every finger desperately point to any efficient Windows partition recovery software.

Let us discuss the scenario in a bit more detail. You have two partitions with two different OS  installed into them. An error popped up and the booting process is halted. The error reads like:

"Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware."

Foremost causes behind the above error message are:
boot.ini file is corrupt or  missing or invalid.
Invalid partition path of Windows XP in boot.ini file
The Ntoskrnl.exe file is missing or damaged.
In order to resolve the above error and to access the data, following steps are to be followed:
Try running Windows Setup from the product CD shipped with your computer manufacturer.
Run “Recovery Console” by pressing 'R'.
Choose the option to restore your system to previously saved configuration.

However, even after following the above measures you may not be able to recover Windows partition. Further you may encounter these following issues:

While running “Recovery Console”, a command prompt may come up without any login option.
While running the product CD, the installation can not be completed.
You may encounter an “Access Denied” error message while trying to access the Windows folder.

In the above scenario, to get rid of the error, you need to reinstall the operating system. As, a fresh installation of the operating system will delete all the data from the particular partition of the hard drive, you need to perform Partition Recovery. With a easy-to-use graphical use interface, Partition Recovery utilities have advanced and effective methods to completely recover and restore your data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is  one of the best buy Partition Recovery Softwares which provides a smooth recovery of all your lost data from the inaccessible partition. This Partition Recovery Software is a powerful recovery tool with complete compatibility to Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2000, supporting  more than 300 file types.

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