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Virus Deleted Your Outlook E-Mails? Use a Recovery

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Microsoft Outlook stores all your e-mails, contacts and other data in a PST file. Therefore, securing your PST file from e-mail worms and viruses must be your priority. If your PST files get infected with viruses or Trojan horses, the possibilities are that your important e-mails might get automatically deleted. In such scenarios, it becomes quite essential for you to recover deleted e-mail items. The situation may become worst if you are not even able to retrieve important e-mails from 'Deleted Items' folder. What would you do? Fortunately, there are ways to tackle the situation. But, you must also keep in touch with latest measures in order to avoid being hit by e-mail worms in future. Coming back to deleted e-mails, if you have lost some crucial e-mails due to a malicious application sent via an e-mail, do not worry. Those deleted e-mail messages can be easily recovered using a professional email recovery software.

Here is a list of some common ways through which a virus can attack your e-mails stored in Outlook account:

Spam mails: Spam mails often carry viruses, worms and Trojan horses. They would include a link, if you click the link, the virus code starts running on your computer.

Hoax mails: These are e-mail messages which warn a computer user of non-existent threats. Unlike Spam mails, they carry an attachment with them. The moment you open the attachment, possibilities are that your mailbox would get affected.

Unsecured Websites: You might have received mails from various websites asking for your personal information or declaring you have won a lottery. Such mails are often sent by hackers who want to hack your e-mail accounts. In such cases also, the e-mails from your affected mailbox can disappear randomly.

But, the good news is that you can recover deleted e-mails. Many data recovery companies have introduced deleted mail recovery software. If you are an Outlook or Outlook Express user, you must attain such tools as they help you recover deleted items, irrespective of the cause behind deletion.

These third-party tools employ improved scanning algorithms to extract deleted e-mails from e-mail clients within very less amount of time, thus saving you from a lot of trauma. You can download a reliable deleted e-mail recovery tool from the Internet. But, make sure you select a read-only utility.

Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery is a powerful application which recovers and restores permanently deleted e-mails from both Microsoft Outlook (2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000) and Microsoft Outlook Express (5.x and 6.x). Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT (SP6), this deleted e-mail recovery tool recovers deleted e-mails, attachments, calendars, contacts and other components.

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