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What ever I say is ONLY applicable to IT firms for business application development(BAD) and may not be for IT consultancy, IT product development or IT infrastructure. Even in BAD, IT Architect role is defined differently for companies to company unlike other intuitively defined roles like "developer" or "IT project manager" .

Enterprise architect role typically is to build IT roadmap understanding how business will be "growing" and how IT will have to evolve. This is to give an idea for the CIO's to make all sort of decisions around budget/resources etc. In addition Enterprise architect also set the direction/guidelines for the IT shop on how it should be running its day to day business on items like SDLC, IT security, IT documentation etc. Enterprise solution architect would also help bridge the business teams and IT application team for implementing multi business domain / Multi IT domain crossing mega projects;

There are few different combinational path for carrier growth in IT here - One is developer, Project Manager, Application lead, Business Domain applications lead... CIO reporting to CEO, etc :-)

Another could be Developer, System analyst, System Architect, Domain architect, Enterprise Architect, Enterprise architect reporting to the office of CIO, etc;

You can form different combinations like this and it really depends on what is the nature of business and what is the underlying IT culture;

As long as you step out of developer" role i.e having responsibility to deliver code directly, you will loose your hand directly touching technology :-); But I have seen people with IT architects title who are responsible for code delivery but it is just a words play IMO. I have also seen people struggle with the career choice of "with hand" or "without hand" but that is one of the occupational hazards of IT :-) In US the "with hand" category is getting extinct in the business application development IT firms.

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