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Microsoft Access exits abruptly while operating qu

by Golvin

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There is a query function in Microsoft Access database which enables you to extract exactly the information you need from your database file. Once tables have been created in a database, a user can develop a query in order to select a group of fields from those tables or select records which relate to a specific set of criteria, and he can ready those records to be used in a report. At times, you may face problems running already created queries which would force Microsoft Access to shutdown abruptly. This behavior can also result in database corruption. To compensate data loss in such scenarios, the ideal way is to restore data from a valid and updated backup. However, when you are not able to fetch required data from a backup, you can use a professional and efficient access repair software.

As a practical case, when you right click a query and select 'Design View', the Microsoft Access database might quit abruptly without throwing any error. Next time, when you try and open the database, it won't mount and become inaccessible.

The above behavior can be witnessed in the two possible scenarios given below:

 If there is a problem with the query
Or if the Microsoft Access database could have got corrupted due to abrupt and sudden shutdown

If it is a problem related to the query, you must follow these steps to overcome it:
1.Open the suspect query
2.Select SQL view and copy the SQL
3.In another .MDB file, create a new query
4.Select SQL view, paste the SQL into it    
5.See if it works for you
If the .MDB file is corrupt, you can observe the following steps in order to repair Access file:
1.Open the damaged .MDB file
2.Open each Form that has a module in design mode
a)Copy the code in the module and paste it into a text file
b)Change the Form's Has Module property to No
c)Save the form
3.For all your reports, do the same as described in step 2
4.Create a new .MDB file
5.Import all the objects from the damaged .MDB file
6.Open each Form and Report that had a module in design mode
7.Past the code from the text file into the Form/Report module
9.Run the Compact and Repair utility

Even after following the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, you are not able to repair Access file, then you will need to get hold of a third-party Access repair software.

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