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Exploring some of the concepts behind Flash games

by AlonsoNgu

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When you go online and visit any gaming website you are likely to find plenty of Flash games. What are Flash games and why are they so popular on the internet? Flash games are games which are developed using the Macromedia-developed Flash Software that is owned by Adobe. This software was originally developed for creating animations but game developers have also been using it to develop computer games. Flash games are interactive and which means that you can play Flash games online on your computer or on your phone. There are even game consoles like the Xbox 360 which can access Flash games online.


Flash games are very popular because besides being interactive they are also packed with features such as colorful animations, vivid graphics and sounds, and which is made possible using the ActionScript programming language. Game developers use this programming language to create interactive and animated interfaces both which work to make these games more vivid and realistic. Using ActionScript also carries the advantage of keeping the file sizes at a minimum and which becomes quite handy if a given game is packed with lots of features and details. This advantage is also important because it makes it easier for gamers to download these games to their computers. This scripting language is also compatible with other scripting programs and this makes it easy to interface various aspects of a given game.


There is a wide range of Flash games online including action/ adventure games, 3D games and puzzles, among others. Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO) are also Flash games and which are played by hundreds of players at the same time. Many people who play Flash games online are definitely captivated by the variety that is available.


There are many internet sites that offer free games which can be downloaded or played online. Some of these websites charge subscriptions for the more sophisticated games. Developers of MMOs, for instance, offer limited access to free versions of the games but require players to pay some fees to access the full version of the same. A lot of these games are based on popular existing titles and are just as captivating as their arcade or console counterparts.


Flash games are easy to develop and which has made them very attractive options for game developers. Game developers have an almost infinite range of applications that they can develop using Flash technology and which explains the large number of Flash games online. In fact, some online marketers have taken notice of the popularity of Flash games and are now using them to promote their products.


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