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Historical Enterprises in East Dulwich

by anonymous

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The London borough of
Southwark plays host to the district we most pleasantly refer to as East
Dulwich. One of a set of triplets, with West Dulwich and the Village of the
same name completing the set. The transport links into central London are
incredibly satisfactory, though puzzling at the very least. Though a separate
station is gifted with the name of North Dulwich station, East Dulwich station
finds itself further north than it’s counterpart. Wonders never cease!


It’s always good to do
something creative, get out of your comfort zone. If you find your weekend fast
approaching and the only plans you have are the same ones that you had the
weekend before and the one before that, e.g. dinner with pals, try something new. We know it’s old, and we
know your grandma probably warned you against doing something new, but in this
modern age we embrace it. There are so many things that are waiting for you.
So, go on! And we make that start in East Dulwich. Something arty? Absolutely. If you don’t consider yourself the next
Picasso or Banksy, it’s highly recommended to go to see the work of someone who
is trying to make that happen. The best are, no doubt, the local galleries that
have the best prices and the best of the local art scene, such is the case at
the Jeannie Avent Gallery, that has a local artist show every fortnight. Trust us, you’ll discover something you’ll
wonder how you manage to cope without. It might even involve sampling an escort
from East Dulwich.


Something historic? Step
right up. One of the more
historically engaging sections of East Dulwich is the area at 549 Lordship
Lane, home to the last surviving example of a 19th Century concrete house. The
grade II listed building that is on the English Heritage’s Buildings At Risk
Register, was built in 1873 and designed by Charles Barry Junior, son of Sir
Charles Barry; the man responsible for the rebuilding of the Houses of
Parliament in the 1840s. Empty for over two decades, the building has become a
target for graffiti artists and, the less appreciated, vandals of the area. It
has also attracted the attention of the local vermin, now overrun with rats.
The owner has neglected the house and refused to relinquish the property. It is
however, a breathtaking form of architecture, wiith its gothic pitched roof and
carved wooden gables.


Whilst we all
appreciate some culture, you should never underestimate a beautiful dinner in a
wonderful setting with a desirable companion in the shape of an East Dulwich
escort. The farm shop come restaurant is a rare business venture, with an
impressive wine menu that will leave you deciding which bottle to favour. You
will be equally spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one of the many
gorgeous gals from East Dulwich escorts.

Author Info::

Writer Bruise Willis likes to document the wonderful Dulwich Escorts and
the fabulous  Escorts  of the great city. With a BA in Journalism,
she is a regular contributor to social blogs.

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