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Big Design is a multi-talented and highly experienced company which provides clients with their branding needs. They help to build an impressive brand that will sell your product from strategy to production. At, you will see some of the successes they have created in packaging design for other products. They capture the essence of a brand and provide you with the utmost service and quality from beginning to end. Their attention to detail and innovative packaging design will help you bring your product to the market place, where you want it to be.

Big Design specializes in marketing materials for retail sales. They will partner with you to build and maintain your brand regardless of the size of your company. They offer versatility in their ability to support any product. They are well known for their creative design and product services and they will help you have your packaging design implemented and turn your project quickly. They are named for their effectiveness and they strive to serve customers at the speed needed in today's business world.


Packaging design is an important part of building and maintaining retail brands that will succeed in today's environment. Their work with Dermitage, a brand that focuses on age-defying health and beauty products, is an example of the effectiveness of the packaging design you will get from Big Design. The elements of sophistication, elegance, and youth are communicated in the presentation of the Dermitage brand. They provided a logo, identity and guidelines that created a brand that focused on the product being sold.


The packaging design for your product is even more important when it is part of a competitive arena in the marketplace. When Big Design went to work for Sansa MP3 Players, a flagship product of SanDisk's audio line, they created an identity that rose above the m of MP3 players to take the additional market share from the industry leader. If Big Design can provide a product with the packaging design to accomplish this in such a highly competitive area, just imagine what they can do to create a brand for your product.


Soyafarm is a Japanese-based company that wanted to introduce their line of soy based snacks and light meals to the United States market. They relied on Big Design to create a brand and provide them with a food package design that would portray the health benefits and superior taste of the Soyafarm products. Using a fresh color palette and inviting product photography while providing a clear marketing message to the consumer helped to create the brand to make the products successful in the US market.


Knowing your market and creating a packaging design that will appeal to them are two important aspects to creating a brand that will succeed in the market place. Packaging can be the biggest selling point for your product. Once you have built a brand that consumers know and trust, then you will be able to rely on that brand for your future sales. Big Design will help you analyze your core strengths and then communicate them to your clients and those potential clients you rely on to increase your sales.


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