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Software development industry in India occupies a valuable share in GDP and the revenue generated by the exports. On total of the population only 2.5 million people works in software development industry. Annual growth and revenue of India has grown to $54.33 billion compared to the other hi tech countries like China and Philippines. Almost all the major cities in India have got the big multinational companies offices still Bangalore is named as the Silicon Valley of India. Apart from Bangalore other cities like Chennai and Hyderabad are the second main IT hub. Even the 2 tier cities have started to see growth in software industry in the recent time.

Companies giving software services provide software development services along with other software maintenance and enhancement support. Development of software includes lot of research, analysis, design, implementation, development and finally the application maintenance work. At present India has turned as one of the biggest IT hub for outsourcing. More and more technologies are introduced and the increase in the number of users around the world has turned out phenomenal. Software development has created an inseparable space in business growth among all the industries.

In current scenario people not only focus on web development and maintenance but also on other aspects like IT consulting. IT consulting plays a key role in developing the software design right from the beginning. Customers want their applications well planned and user friendly with easy access. Consulting services enables the companies as well as client to start software development process at the correct time with proper architecture and IT practices. Having software consulting services in companies is really beneficial since it provides the support for the entire SDLC. Since IT companies in India gives more priority on developing high quality software consulting will also help to adapt to the new methodologies.

Offshore development in India has already started long back but it has gain momentum in recent years a lot when the need of technology and the number of internet users increased. Today a large number of shares are occupied by Indian companies in global software outsourcing industry. Software development has affected the business as well companies are creating a brand and to get maximum profit they need more customers. They use online marketing solutions, customer relationship management solutions to keep in track with the growth and development form beginning till the end. In past few years India has emerged as one of the biggest place for IT industry in world. Indian education system which was considered weak compared to the other countries has also proved that the best manpower works here. Whether quality or quantity in both India is leading. Indian government has also extended its support for the IT industry development in India. It is working on many policies like FDI (Foreign direct exchange) to pull the shares directly in to the market. Software development in India is at its best at present and in coming years it is predicted that it will reach the new heights increasing the GDP and creating more job opportunities.

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