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Hotels in Puri

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The holy city of Puri is situated in the eastern part of India and is a tourist hotspot. It is considered to be one of the four Dhams (place of religious importance). Puri is the perfect getaway for both devotees & tourists. It’s beautiful wide beaches & the great temple of Lord Jagannath will force you to take a dip to cleanse both your body & your soul.  Here is a quick preview of Puri that will prove why Puri should be on your list this holiday season. Also check out some top rated hotels in Puri for your next stay.

About Puri

Puri is famous worldwide for being the earthly abode of Lord Jagannath whose name literally means Lord of the Universe. Every year millions of devotees from all over the world come to Puri just to have his Darshan . The Lords annual Car Festival is one of India’s greatest & oldest festivals that attracts millions of devotees. The great temple was built in the 11th century but its beginnings are shrouded in mystery. There a large number of tales surrounding the temple and the Lord which is often quite delightful to hear. Puri also has the famous Lokanath Temple housing Lord Lokanath said to be an incarnation of lord Shiva. But Puri is more famous among tourists for it’s breathtaking beaches. The climate is temperate due to the closeness of the sea. To make your trip more comfortable Puri offers many comfortable hotels.

 Hotels in Puri   


Puri hotels come with varied price ranges to suit your purse & simultaneously convert your trip into one you wouldn’t like to end. Two of the premier hotels in Puri are as follows:


The Chariot Resort


It is one of Puri’s few 4 star hotels that provide an in house spa. With a total of 144 rooms having a range of prices you will spoil for choices. The price range starts from Rs.2000 to Rs. 12000. It also has a darshan package of 3 days and 2 nights that costs you Rs. 12000. It is widely popular for its superior customer service. It has a spa, swimming pool, internet facilities, even a gym.


Hotel Arya Palace


Hotel Arya Palace located at Chakratirth Road is also one of Puris popular hotels. It is located near the fishermen’s village which shows you a colorful piece of local life. The location of the hotel provides you with a huge breathtaking view of the sea full of yatches  & boats. The hotels proximity to the sea means you wake up to the beating of the sea waves & can enjoy a walk in the serene beaches- a traveler’s delight. The price for a room is Rs.1500 per day.


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