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Retirement Planning Calculators – Measuring your Retirement

by EnTrusted

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Retirement planning calculators provide an excellent measure of whether you will achieve your retirement dream and, perhaps more importantly, what you need to do to safeguard that dream. A well-developed retirement calculator is one that is simple to use, asks for just the right amount of inputs, generates a small output of summary pages, and is easy to navigate.

In an attempt to simplify things, many Retirement Planning Calculators that exist on the Internet are too simplistic, offering results that may be misleading for the user; so few questions are asked that a personalized plan is nearly impossible to obtain. Other calculators err in the opposite extreme by requiring scores and scores of inputs with an excessive amount of printout pages, taking very little advantage of the power of Internet based calculators to provide an effective plan. Finally, there are those retirement calculators that require pages and pages of inputs with poorly designed navigation; the power of being able to do “what-if” scenarios is lost in such calculators.

An effective retirement planning calculator is based on a well-designed platform. Each page of the platform is self-contained, easy to understand, and interacts seamlessly with the other pages. Secondly, each page asks just enough questions that a reliable plan can be personalized to the user’s own situation. Thirdly, a minimum number of pages is offered so as not to overwhelm the user with pages and pages of needless data. Finally, the platform offers easy navigation so that the user can perform an endless number of “what-if” calculations to determine the proper action steps for achieving his/her retirement dream.

The hallmark of a well-designed retirement planning calculator is to answer each of the following three questions: 1) How big of a nest egg do I need at retirement, 2) What will my current nest egg be worth at retirement, and 3) How much do I need to save to make up for the shortfall, if any. The calculator should ask for just enough inputs to answer each question, provide an easy to interpret printout of the results, and allow for simple navigation between each page to accommodate “what-if” scenario analysis.

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