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Metrology and gear box repair on call

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Gearboxes, wherever they are used, have a very important task to perform. These, therefore, are required throughout the period when the main machinery is in service. In the case of a breakdown, gearbox repair becomes a grave issue for the engineering company concerned. Such repairs are needed to be completed in the shortest time possible, so that the engineering functions can return to normalcy. Gearbox repair invariably involves precision engineering.

Since gearboxes need to be repaired with speed, such precision engineering firms have to have the capability to find the correct materials needed for the repair. Fortunately, there are precision engineering companies that have the wherewithal for conducting gearbox repair of gearboxes that have the rating as high as 750 kW. Secondly, these companies have the precision engineering capability necessary in terms of machines that are required to turn out gears that may be as large as 102” in diameter. Such companies also possess the necessary backup in terms of metrology and carrying out metallurgical analysis to find the metal equivalent to that of the fractured gears. In the shortest possible time, these professional companies can, therefore, not only assess the metal required but also the hardness necessary for the gear teeth. The fractured gear is quickly replaced with the gear necessary in terms of metal equivalence and the equivalent hardness by either heat treatment or carburizing. The gears are also ground with a class 10 finish to ensure smooth operation. The right quality of SKF bearings are used along with dual lip Viton seals as necessary.

Metrology is most essential in precision engineering companies. This is the science of precise measurements. No precision engineering company can perform without this vital science. Therefore, the precision engineering companies that have the necessary capability of carrying out gearbox repair also possess the accurate machines needed for metrology. Such machines may be the Zeiss Contura that offers scanning technology and the Brown and Sharpe Mistral CMM both of which have been calibrated and certified for an accuracy of 2 microns. These precision engineering companies have the engineering capability of reverse engineering and can serve different industries such as textiles and medical, power generation and defense besides automotive and firearms.

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