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The Range Of Aerators Available

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The biggest problem that a farmer faces is the perennial one of compaction. This can be created quite easily due to traffic caused by equipment or livestock and rainfall. Since compaction prevents the air-mix from reaching the plant roots it has to be removed continuously. Only a regular removal of compaction with the use of proper aerators will ensure that the soil is kept in a productive state. There are several varieties of aerators, each targeting a certain usage and type of soil. In one way or another, the cultivators such as the stubble and the seedbed, harrows such as the disc harrow, weeder harrow, meadow harrow and the chain harrow and subsoilers are all aerators.

The tractor aerator is a special kind of aerator. It is a multi-tasking kind of tractor and one of its functions is that of aeration. For this role of aeration, specially designed aerators are made use of. The tractor aerator can be ordered in different sizes. Some of these sizes include 48”, 60”and 72”. The aerators that can be mounted on these tractors include the Shattertine among others. The selection of aerator will depend on the soil condition and the extent to which compaction has affected it.

Technologically driven manufacturers are increasingly producing tools for aeration. These tools have been specially designed so that they can provide the farmer or turf manager with implements that are low in cost, fast in operation and very effective as well as versatile. Only then can the tools be successful in breaking up compaction, establishing the percolation rate, maintaining the infiltration rate and enabling thatch management.

Management of lawn aeration requires the control of thatch and reduction of compaction. The thatch is composed of dead organic waste that chokes the lawn of oxygen that is so direly needed. Lawn aerators are the spike and the core aerators. The spike aerator uses solid spikes in the shape of wedges with which holes are punched in the soil.The core aerator has hollow tines and cores or “pull out” plugs. The core aerator removes clods of soil from the ground while the core is left on the turf. Compaction is reduced and the holes will enable air, water and fertilizer to reach the plant roots over a long period besides breaking down the thatches.

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