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How To Unlock Cell Phone by Using Unlock Code

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Not all cellular phones use the same method of unlocking, so make sure you use only the directions provided by your cell phone unlock code selling agent. Do not try to use any random codes obtained elsewhere, and do not try to use code instructions that are not for your specific cell phone. These attempts can render the cell phone useless and can lead to having to have the cell phone repaired or unlocked by the original provider or another provider at an additional charge possibly.

Once you have obtained a cell phone unlock code for your cell phone, your unlock code selling representative should also provide instructions on how to use this code to unlock cell phone that you have. Follow these instructions very carefully to avoid "hard locking" the cellular phone. If this happens, there is the chance that the cell phone may have to be sent in to the provider to be unlocked, which will take more time and leave you without a mobile phone to use in the meantime.

Make sure if you are currently in a contract with your original cell phone carrier and have not fulfilled your agreed on term length that you are aware of the early termination or cancellation fees, and are prepared to pay them as required. While it is totally legal to unlock cell phone to use on other networks, there can still be charges for the privilege of leaving your contract sooner than you agreed to.

There are a couple of things you should check out before buying a code to unlock cell phone for use on other carrier's networks. First of all, make sure your cell phone is not unlocked already. An easy way to do this is to insert a SIM card from another network's cell phone or another unlock cell phone SIM card and power the phone. If there are any error messages, your cell phone is locked, and you will need to purchase an cell phone unlock code. If the cell phone powers up and works, there is not a need to purchase an unlock code for your cell phone.

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