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About financing solar package in Phoenix

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Utilizing solar energy in Phoenix has never been easier. It makes sense commercially and environmentally to use solar energy. This is applicable, if you are a homeowner and also if you wish to power your factories or other industrial buildings. Solar energy systems can wipe off all your energy costs depending on the size of the system. This form of energy also insulates you from the continuous rise in the cost of electricity. You can avail the facility of solar financing and a solar electric system adds value to your home or any other building without adding to the property tax. Though the solar system is capital intensive, it will pay for itself in the years to come.

When you are contemplating on the use of solar energy in Phoenix, you’ve got to remember that this is one form of energy that is totally regenerative unlike the forms that are based on petroleum and its derivatives. Solar energy is non-polluting and causes no harm to either people or the environment. Not only can you avail of solar financing, but there are several state and federal incentives for solar energy as well. These incentives themselves will help you save up to 80% of the cost of your system. The solar technology is a proven one and the panels come with a 25 years warranty from the manufacturer.

There is no shortage of solar Phoenix! The technology of conversion of this energy is fairly simple. There are photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into DC or direct current electricity. Arrays of these cells are configured into modules and these can be used to charge storage batteries. With a simple power conversion, the DC is converted to AC for the use of all your appliances. This supply can be interconnected to the utility grid and may also operate in parallel with it. When you install solar equipment with the help of solar financing, you can also take advantage of net metering. This allows you to get paid for any surplus electricity that you produce. This surplus electricity gets fed to the utility grid and actually runs your meter in the reverse direction. You will, therefore, get paid for this surplus electricity.

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