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Resolving Issues when all Volumes on Novell Server

by anonymous

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Novell Netware is recognized for its strong file sharing features and networking abilities. That is the reason why this operating system is so popular among network administrators. But what if your SYS volume got corrupted on your main production server's hard disk? Worried? Here are a few disk data recovery methods that can aid in recovering lost data in such situations.


The SYS volume stores NLM™ programs and most importantly, the NetWare system files. When corrupted, SYS volume cannot be mounted in most of the situations and hence all other volumes. Consequently, the Novell eDirectory™ tree does not contain the volume, LAN drivers are not loaded, and autoexec.ncf file is not executed.


Consider a similar scenario when your SYS volume fails to mount. You observe an unexpected power failure on your Novell NetWare server and soon after this, when you try to boot the server, you observe that none of the volumes present on the server can be mounted. As a result, all the data that is stored on these volumes is no longer accessible.


As discussed, this behavior is due to SYS volume corruption. Apart from this, other issues that prevent the volumes from mounting are:

  • Failure of server disk that contains SYS volume

  • Malfunctioned power or cable of external server disk(s)

Tips to Solve

According to the issue in place, you should perform the below sequence of steps:

  • First check if all the cables and power of external server disk(s) are healthy. If not, replace the faulty ones.

  • Replace the serve disk that contains SYS volume, create partitions and SYS volume, and later restore the data

  • In case of volume corruption, you need to run required volume repair utilities (VREPAIR or REBUILD) according to your volume type. If this fails, delete the volume and restore from backup or run a disk partition recovery software to extract lost data first and then recreate the volume. Disk Data Recovery utilities extract lost data from corrupted or deleted NetWare volumes.


Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery is an exclusively designed utility to recover lost data from Novell NetWare volumes. This Disk Partition Recovery tool is available in two different variants for NWFS and NSS file systems. A safe software that employs complex scanning methods to restore lost information.

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