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Wholesale Freshwater Pearl Necklace For Your Collection

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Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearls in the world because their cultivation was mastered early on, and because the oysters can produce more than one pearl at a time. Due to the fact that freshwater pearls are so common, the prices on these pearls are very affordable, and they are generally the go-to pearl when people want to buy pearl jewelry because of this reason. Many people think that because freshwater pearls are so common, many people have the misconception that these types of pearls are lower quality than saltwater. While low qualities of freshwater pearls are produced, there are exceptionally high quality freshwater pearls. A freshwater pearl is formed when the farmer implants an nucleus into an oyster, which is usually a piece of meat formt he oyster itself. The oyster then produces a nacre that coats the irritant several times, forming a pearl. When the oyster is ready to be opened, one or more pearls are taken out of the oyster and clean, then sorted.

At Aloha Pearls, we offer a large variety of loose, wholesale  freshwater pearls. Our prices are the best on the island and do not compare to any other store on Oahu. We carry pearl starting at AA or AB quality and have every grade after that. Each of our pearls is handpicked before purchase, to ensure that the surface quality, luster, and color of each pearl is exceptional. We have every size, color, and shape to be offered. Give your customers their choice of the most extraordinary pearls by selecting your pearls from our store. Provide your customers with a taste of the islands and giving them something truly special they will cherish forever, and pass on from generation to generation. Stop by our store located in the Macadamia Nut farm Outlet, Tropical Farms, on Oahu. Or shop our website for convenience and ease.

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