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Do Dil Ek Jaan the Perfect Romantic-Drama

by vinita11233

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When a terror attack takes place, the newspapers are filled with reports about what exactly happened, who was involved and the number of people who were victims in the brutal act. However, in a couple of weeks the media hype dies down, reconstruction of the property that was destroyed in the attack begins.

As you get back to your regular routine, you tend to forget that there were people who lost their lives in the attack, families who lost their fathers, mothers and even children. This is something that can change a person’s life completely. Although the story has died out in the news and it has completely escaped your mind, it is still at large in the minds of those who have lost loved ones due to terrorism.

These people need to pick up the pieces of their lives and make a new plan. This is an extremely difficult process, which could take a good amount of time. This struggle is portrayed exceptionally well in the show Do Dil Ek Jaan. It is the story of Antara who was living with her family in Kashmir. They were all very happy and took life one day at a time.

However, tragedy struck when her father lost his life in a bomb blast. The heart and spirit of the family was completely shattered due to the loss they had been faced with. This was especially true in the case of Antara’s mother Geeta. She just could not handle the fact that she lost her husband and the memories of the life they had together, seem to make her condition worse.

Antara and her brother Ishan decide that it was best if they get their mother out of their home in Kashmir, so that she is not haunted by the memories of the life she once had. Thus, they take their mother and move to Mumbai, where they live with their uncle, Govind.

Adjusting to a new city is very difficult for the siblings, with Ishan uncomfortable about living in his uncle’s home, where he has no privacy. On the other hand Antara finds it difficult to settle in with the people of the neighbourhood. 

On one particular instance, she gets into a spat with a group of people and things start heating up. Suddenly Raghu steps in and sorts out the matter. Antara is grateful to him but latter realizes that he is a goon and constantly causes trouble in the society. The two have a number of disagreements, which results in him getting very angry and taking revenge. He often demands public apologies from Antara and her entire family.

With time, the two set their differences aside and start helping each other in the struggles of life. They slowly start falling in love, which comes with its own set of ups and downs. Will their love be able to overcome all obstacles or will the trauma of their past tear their relationship apart?

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