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Bike accessories UK - The Relationship Cycle

by anonymous

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Networking is nothing more than meeting new people and building a relationship of trust with them. You tend to frequent restaurants and coffee shops that can call you by name and ask about your family, because you feel you have a relationship with them. The people who run these types of establishments have learned the secret to networking and will have a loyal client base that can see them through some tough economic times, than if they just served the customers who came in and never took the time to get to know them.

Network marketing is no different. It's all about building a relationship with those you want to sponsor into the business, or using a relationship that already exists to garner the trust that is needed for them to join you. And, rest assured, it is you they join, not your company. Your interest in them must be genuine and go well beyond just getting them to sign an application and join your company's opportunity to build a home business.

This is the difference between being a sponsor and a recruiter. Once you have a relationship with someone and they trust you enough to join you in your business, you have a responsibility to assist them in every way possible to make sure they are successful and remain in the business.

This is why I recommend you only work with 4-5 people you have sponsored at a time, making sure they are trained, have added people of their own to the business and know how to assist them in doing the same. The relationship you have with a person you sponsor should be more important than anything else. Yes, your business may grow at a slower pace than someone who's only concerned with numbers, but your business will be much more secure and stable than one that tends to crumble just as fast as it gets built, because the relationship and responsibility they have to those they sponsored has been ignored.

One of the ways that you can use the relationship cycle to your advantage goes back to the first discussion about the restaurant or coffee shop. Perhaps there are establishments that you have frequented for years and you have a relationship with the owner or others. You've been a loyal customer, who they have come to know quite well. These are the type of people who may just be open to hearing about your opportunity.

You've supported them, so asking them to look at a sound business opportunity is something you shouldn't feel shy about. If your business opportunity is sound and they give it an honest assessment, you may find yourself adding exactly the kind of people that you should be targeting to really expand your organization. Think of all the people they already have a relationship with, who have been made to feel as welcome and loyal as you do.


Networking is people building relationships that should be mutually beneficial. One sided relationships, be they personal or business, rarely stand the test of time. Look for opportunities to use the idea of the "relationship cycle" to work for you as you build your network marketing business.



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