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Body Jewelry — the Eternal Classical Pop

by anonymous

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Like lace, silk stockings and sunglasses, jewelry is also an indispensable fashion element. Today I want to talk about body jewelry, which is playing an increasing important role in fashion world.

What is body jewelry?

Body jewelry also belongs to jewelry, but unlike other ordinary jewelries, it is adorned in the skin directly, always, worn around from wrists and fingers to one’s neck, sometimes, even ankles. According to Wikipedia,

Body jewelry is jewellery manufactured specifically for use in body piercing. As body piercing is increasingly become a fashion, a variety of crafted body jewelry get available. And materials used for manufacturing body jewelry has ranges from traditional material such as gold and silver to those pieces like surgical steel, glass, and even bone, horn, silicone and ivory etc, since they can be easily shaped and get a nice smooth surface as well as a good touching feeling. Due to diversity of manufacturing material, body jewelry is given much more potentials to have unique and distinct designs.

Types of body jewelry

The types are various. Main types are as follows:

barbells, navel rings, captive bead rings, lip rings, earrings, tongue rings, labrets, plugs, spirals, belly rings, and many more. Our body jewelry designers have been keeping trying using different materials and creating different styles to meet the diverse demand of market. This will help delight those trendsetters and let merchants make a bigger profit.

Why body jewelry is welcomed?

Without doubt, with a long history, body jewelry has always been loved by people, especially females. In ancient time, it appeared not originally for decorating, but for warding off evil spirits. So more often, it was regarded as something symbolizing a talisman. Nowadays it plays as a decoration. Females like to wear body jewelry, believing that can make them charming and attract more people’s attention. It is an art to how to match your body jewelry with your clothes and other jewelries. Also, pay attention to their material, design and colors. A good match will flatter your quality, vice versa. If a guy loves a girl and want to marry her, he will present jewelry to his loved girl. It is taken as a love token.

In all, to women, jewelry is placed too much hope, not just a decoration.

Belly Rings, Tongue Rings, and Nose rings

Why belly rings, tongue rings and nose rings are specially listed? Very easy! It is a common sense that the most popular zones of body for piercing are nose, ears and belly button, which also are easiest to be pierced. So the demand to them has been rising. According to some relevant data, many teenagers, when they are still in high school, begin to pierce their body with belly rings, tongue rings and nose rings, thinking they will be looked more fashionable. We can also read the message from this: body piercing jewelry is more welcomed by the young group.

How to get classy but cheap body jewelry?

Is it likely to get body jewelry both classy and cheap? Of course, everything is possible. The key lies in how to purchase. Roadside market is absolutely place where you can find many cheap items. But who can ensure the quality? If your jewelry is a fake or goes wrong, who take the responsibility? Just consider shopping online! Generally speaking, choose those online stores making sure good after-sale service. What’s more, shopping online helps you save time, energy, and money, and much more choices are available. Therefore, if you want to purchase a cheap body jewelry, go shopping online!