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Assembling an iOS Development Environment

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The huge popularity of the mobile devices launched Apple has encouraged many developers to switch to iOS application development. Each programmer also has option to use several tools to build the mobile apps at a rapid pace. But he must have to assemble the iOS environment to start developing the applications as early as possible. Many programmers prefer using Mac to avail several advantages over conventional computers. However, the apps can also be developed by other PCs that cost lesser than Mac. However, it is the process of setting up the iOS environment will depend on the programmer’s choice of operating system. However, a beginner can always concentrate on some key aspects of setting up an iOS development environment.

Steps to Assemble an iOS App Development Environment

Become an Apple Developer: Apple requires developers to join the iOS developer program or Mac developer program to avail several services. You can complete the registration process, and obtain a unique Apple ID to access variety of services like Apple Online Store and iCloud. However, you have to obtain a distinct iTunes account, if you are planning to distribute music, video, movies, books and similar digital content. After becoming a member of the iOS developer program, you can further download the latest versions of the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and Xcode.

Setup IOS SDK and Xcode: When a programmer decides to develop iOS apps, it becomes essential to download and install the latest versions of iOS SDK and Xcode. Apple has designed Xcode as a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easier for users to create robust apps for Apple mobile devices. Along with a graphical user interface (GUI) editor and a source editor, Xcode also provides a single window to developers known as workspace window. A developer can access the required tools from the workspace windows while developing applications. He also has options to switch between writing code, designing the interface, and debugging. At the same time, the iOS SDK optimize the Xcode tools by providing additional compilers, tools and frameworks required to create the IOS development environment.

Customize Xcode: As a comprehensive integrated development environment, Xcode comes with loads of features and tools to make it easier for programmers to developer apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod. So you have to customize Xcode according to the nature and requirements of your project. If you are new to iOS app development, it is advisable to go through the tutorial Your First iOS App. The tutorial will help you in understanding the tools, fundamental design patterns and overall mobile application development process. The initial understanding of key development concepts will further make it easier for you to customize Xcode by choosing specific features and tools.

Access the Technical Resources and Information: You will also need additional technical resources and information to build apps at a rapid pace. The iOS Dev Center will make it easier for you to design, develop and distribute applications by accessing the required technical information and resources. Similarly, you can also access the iOS Developer Library to gather detailed technical information about the best way to develop and implement the iOS technologies. You can even consider watching the development videos to learn in-depth information about how to use the technologies and tools. Once you have gathered in-depth knowledge about the tools and technologies, it will be easier for you to start developing the app.

Join Apple Developer Forums: When you are developing an app for iPhone, iPod or iPad for the first time, there are chances that you will want answer to several questions. In addition to clearing your doubts related to how to design and distribute the mobile application, you will need specific information about various aspects of your project. So you must join the Apple developer forums to post your own questions, and get answers from experienced iOS app developers. The forum will further enable you to participate in discussion to stay tuned to the latest trends in developing apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

While setting up the perfect development environment, you also need to consider your budget. It is always a good idea to invest in a Mac to avail a number of additional advantages. But you can still opt for the PCs to avoid additional expenses.

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