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How can head injuries lead to autism and what is the best tr

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Autism, medically, is a result of disorientation of certain genes in our chromosomes and in most cases the situation runs in families and a line of inheritance. However, this through conclusion is not all true. Autism could be a result of other things than genetic issues. A baby may be born perfect but later be a victim of autism. It has been seen in several cases that healthy kids and even teenagers have turned autistic after a head injury or oxygen starvation. Anything that can cause the brain to permanently dysfunction while altering its structural neural integrity can bring forth the symptoms of autism. There are ways to identify if an autistic condition is a result of brain injury, a chromosome defect that runs in the family or otherwise. Once, this is established, bringing on the medication seems a easier job. Traumatic brain injuries, also referred to as TBI are a result of some external force to the brain as in case of accidents and blows causing the brain to move inside the skull and get disoriented or suffer some wear and tear.

A recently developed treatment of autism lies in G Therapy – a biochemic and effective homeopathic that has been showing significant effect in more and more patients. This therapy helps motivate the body functioning toward a healthier environment. This doesn’t just help the repetitive and disoriented sensory perception of a patient but also simulates a developmental initiation for the child.

Gene therapy has provided the medical world with the most significant hope for curing tragic brain impairment till date. The idea is to equip the natural body cells to manipulate and grow over barriers caused by faulty genes and replace with healthy ones.

One should know that autism is generally categorized into three distinctive behaviors. Patients have difficulty in social interaction, exhibit narrow and repetitive behavior which seems to be obsessive and display problems in both verbal and non verbal communication. The severity too varies between patients but G therapy seems to handle the cases quite reasonably. Being completely herbal therapy for brain injury, it has ‘zero’ side effects and test groups have proved that positive effects could be expected in as less as two months.

As per the doctor, the treatment actually helps stimulate neuro transmitters that have been long inhibited by the injury effects and removes any blockage that has been resulting in awkward behavior. While we know that our body has an innate tendency to repair cellular damages, the medicine actually works upon to boost the immune system of the individual making progress faster. While it cannot be said that the G therapy treatment can deliver a complete cure, significant amount of improvements have been witnessed in severe cases of mental drawbacks.

G therapy is seen by many as a miracle in progress and though not clinically proved; it hasn’t also been disproved of by any medical practitioner.

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