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How to Imitate Your Boss’s Fashion Style

by anonymous

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It is quite normal for us everyone to feel uneasy when hearing the change in human relations especially referring to your boss. With the new boss’s arrival, new ideas, new styles, new operation mode and even a new fashion style are coming, too. So many things else you have to worry about.

But the changes are not always big. Things are still those things: shirts, suits, ties, jewelry, and watch. But you had better notice those subtle changes in detail: shirt may get brighter or duller, suits conservative or slimmer, watches more meticulous and jewelry more elaborate. Employees failed to perceiving the style changes have the potential to look inappropriate. Of course, those imitating too closely and losing his own style risk Mini-Me comparisons.

When Frank Bisignano took Jon Judge’s position as First Data Corp.’s CEO in Atlanta in late April, his Brooks Brothers suits and Hermes ties was brought with him. He goes to his company everyday with formal business attire, which makes many employees who were always in casual suits literally follow formal suits.

Mr. Bisignano, a former executive at J.P. Morgan Chase &Co. and Citigroup Inc. in New York, says, “You never know who you might be meeting with or where you might be called to.” He says in fact he focus more on how to make the company profitable than paying attention to what employees are wearing.

What dress style the former CEO like? An employee says that he like casual wear; sometimes even enter into his office with a sport coat and open-collared shirt with no tie. He says he doesn’t notice the change in dress until one day at a large internal meeting, he suddenly found every one dress formally except two, and he was one of the two. He looked around and found he was one of only two men who weren’t wearing ties.