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Buildings are a very integral part of our daily lives and the place where we spent most of our times. So it is at times useful to know about the materials that go into making the buildings that surround you. The materials used in the construction of buildings are termed as building products. There are many types of buildings that are constructed all around the world and each have their own set of building products that are required to make them. As many buildings are constructed all over the world every day the market for building products has become bigger and bigger.

Building construction has seen a lot of changes in the past two centuries, gone are the days when buildings and houses were constructed out of naturally available materials like earth, mud, straws, clay and rocks. These materials were used then to construct almost any type of structure that was being constructed. But in the past two centuries due to technological developments in the construction sector the building products used for the construction of buildings have gone from natural to synthetic products which are man-made. These products have made buildings stronger, durable and long lasting.


There are many types of building products available in the market which are used for the purpose of constructing buildings. Cement, probably one of the most crucial products is a must for construction of the buildings, its strength, texture and outer and inner layering. Rocks, a product in use from ancient times it is used around the world due to its strength, durability and because it keeps the inside cool. Metal, the invention of the 20th century, is used almost in all types of buildings due to its lightness, strength, durability, and low cost. Wood, is a building product which is an integral part in almost every phase of constructing a structure, it has manifold uses.

Glass, is used mostly for windows, doors and at times as wall partitions making it a sought after products due to the attractive looks and modern appeal. Bricks, one of the more essential building products, it is used everywhere in construction of structure. It is very inexpensive, is available in variety of sizes and lends solidity to the structure. Plastic, a synthetic product used these days; it has multiple uses from piping to wiring and electrical. Building products are really an essential part of any construction assignment and it is good to be informed about them.

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