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Advantages of Stretch Hood Films Packaging

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Choosing the right pallet packaging method includes thorough analysis of different parameters that have a direct bearing on the daily operations as well as on the distribution chain performance. You can ensure significant savings at the end of operations with cost effective solutions. A product is said to be in the highest value added state when it leaves a production facility. The product is expected to reach the customers in the same condition. Apart from manual banding and strapping, stretch hood methods of packaging have also gained immense momentum for their packaging integrity, display properties, five sided protection and logistics management.

Stretch hood films for pallet packaging was introduced way back in the late 1980s, is considered highly suitable for pails, cases, bins, primary packaging formats as well as bagged products. Coextruded stretch hood films that are domestically available allows a pre-stretch percentage that exceeds 80%, offering materially improved film yields that was practically unthinkable in the previous years.Reduction of the film thickness to down 1.6 mils have brought down the rates of a single pallet film to a very competitive rate, when compared to the spiral stretch wrapping in particular.

Here we shall explore certain benefits of stretch hood method of packaging:

 When the pallet enters the machine, the pallet height is measured automatically, which ensures that the required amount of film is only dispensed.

 The total amount of energy used is not very high as heat is not applied. The maintenance cost and total amount of film required, further reduces with use of servo drive technology.

 Products that are sold at retail outlets like home theaters, the one stretch, clear hood films offer comparatively better product recognition than the multilayer spiral stretch wrap films. You can also handle instructions or print advertising on the film.

 You need not face any troubles while scanning the bar code, when you use stretch hooding techniques. You can virtually remove all misreads with this film.

 Stretch hood film maintains the tension consistently, which especially are suited for products, which due to physical properties settle down after being palletized and bagged.

 If you are looking for the latest labor intensive pallet packaging method, stretch hooding is the best option that you have. You can roll up the film up to 39 in diameter, allowing 10 times longer change of film intervals. A forklift handles the film with the roll-change thating not more than merely 10 minutes.

 Stretch hood films offer tamper evidence. You don’t have to destroy the film to bring out a particular item from the pallet. You can easily establish in case the pallet load has been tampered with.

 Stretch hood films are completely recyclable.

 The stretch hood films work well for the irregular shaped loads, which the stretch wrapping is not capable of. You can displace the top sheet and slide off in course of wrapping or conveying. specializes in stretch hood ( ) packaging to ensure the products look attractive and reach the destination intact. To know about the function of packaging, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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