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Turquoise Jewelry Needs Much Care

by anonymous

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There are many beautiful pieces of jewelry. Girls always have creasy ideas about the fashion jewelry. While there are a lot of people have deep feeling about the free jewelry which I mean is the turquoise jewelry. Although people love it, the thing that confuses people is the maintenance of it.
There are some tips people who want to wear turquoise jewelry should keep in mind.
Most turquoise has holes and it can absorb hand oil and perfume, etc.. While in the traditional process of our country, through the step the turquoise surface can be coated with a layer of wax, in order to increase the turquoise color. At the same time it also plays an important role in protection it. People should pay attention to the oil and the dirty things when wearing it. And try to avoid the touch with cosmetics and skin grease too much, so as not to damage the gems. Because of turquoise pore, we should not using the heavy liquid when we want to identify . This kind of liquid can change its color and make it ugly. Its color is delicate, and it is afraid of pollution. We should avoid touching tea, soap water, oil, rust and alcohol and so on.
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Turquoise is afraid of high temperature. No direct fire and direct sunlight. The too high temperature baking can make the turquoise fragile and brittle. Some Indian jewelry made by hand is very fine, but the repair is also very expensive. But the thermal conductivity of silver is very high, in the repair of silver jewelry, temperature is difficult to control, and embedded in the turquoise above will be broken because the temperature was too high.
Turquoise bracelets is not so hard. We should avoid the heary strike with other hard things. Or our hearted jewelry will be damaged. As the large amount of the needs of the turquoise jewelry, wholesale turquoise jewelry industry has developed a lot.
Just like what I said, I think it is a free style jewelry. Whenever you are wearing a piece of turquoise jewelry, people can see the youth and the energy from you. When you are on a vacation, especially in the beach, a turquoise necklace is necessary. Since you have known what to consider after buying it, you can choose the beautiful ones to beautify yourself. You will feel happy when you are wearing it. You must give your care to it or it will be damaged.

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