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What Makes a Great Real Estate Agent?

by johnfloyed

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Being a real estate agent may not be for everyone, but if you are right for the job then it can truly be a lucrative career. A real estate agent has the opportunity to help people find homes, businesses, apartments, etc., and often will help them through some of the most important decisions of their lives, which can be very rewarding. Here are 4 things that make someone a great real estate agent, and increase the odds that they are going to be successful in this business endeavor.

1. Understand your role: Being a real estate agent does not mean that you are making decisions for your clients. It means that you are doing the best job you can matching up their needs with what real estate is available. If you are a seller’s agent, then you are doing the best job you can to find buyers who are well suited for the property being sold. Your job is to be the middleman, to make the transaction happen as quickly and smoothly as possible. Having the right knowledge for the job and understanding your role is critical.

2. Get plenty of leads: The real estate industry is highly competitive, and in order to be successful, you have to understand how to generate very solid leads for your clients. This means that you have to know the area and the market in which you work very well, inside and out. You have to be monitoring listings on a daily basis, often several times per day, as new listings may arise and then disappear quickly, especially if they are very good deals. The real estate agent who is able to generate the most leads, and the most appropriate leads for their clients, based on their unique needs and situation, is going to be a great real estate agent.

3. Building a relationship: The real estate agent that is able to be personable and be able to establish great rapport with their clients is going to be successful. This real estate agent knows how to build relationships, and a good relationship with clients is a cornerstone of success for any industry, especially real estate. Many people, after buying or selling a home, will recommend their real estate agent if that agent has done a great job for them. Having a large number of satisfied clients is going to make one a great real estate agent and keep the business coming in regularly. Appearing bored, being to busy to return calls, and not connecting with the clients will be disastrous to your business.

4. Ongoing analysis and change: Keeping up with changing times is going to help make you a great real estate agent. Learning about new technology that is available, new listings, changes in the local market, changes in trends and codes and regulations, and understanding the entire process from listing to closing will make you a great real estate agent. You cannot simply excel in one area and not understand the whole process if you want to be a great real estate agent.

Being able to consistently hustle new business will make one a great real estate agent. These tips will help you learn about what is important in this industry, and how to build a reputation and develop the skills and knowledge that you need to be successful!

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