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Safely Cleaning Building Structures

by ernestelliott

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Today, high rise building cleaners can be considered as one of the most dangerous professions in Australia. Because more and more companies are starting to provide building cleaning services, high-rise cleaning jobs wherein the personnel have to clean the outer part of the building are considered dangerous due to the fact that a number of things can go wrong which can then lead to fatal accidents. It is certainly a big concern for all the companies involved in this industry, but research reveals that most of the accidents occur due to human errors and lack of height safety training and equipment.

Building structures are usually divided into levels at least two meters apart. And because of this, the use of height safety equipment in Adelaide and other parts of Australia is required for high-risk jobs including that of window cleaners. And in order to clean these structures, the people who have this job usually set up structures such as scaffoldings. Four to five floors of scaffolds do not give the proper footing and can result to accidents or even fatalities.

And this is where a high-rise building specialist comes in. Today, there are several alternatives available for professional building cleaners. The cleaners involved in window and surface washing need to control the scaffolding’s movement so that the work can be carried out easily and accordingly. And to regulate the system, the professionals who clean the surfaces need to have a complete knowledge of the pulleys through which the system moves up and down and from one side to another. This system is necessary for the overall safety of all professional contractors engaged in cleaning buildings at heights.

These professionals who clean surfaces at considerable heights make use of a variety of equipments, such as ladders, poles and platforms. There are many cleaning companies that rely on platforms and guardrails to execute cleaning operations efficiently. Such companies should ensure that the employees engaged in cleaning the windows wear safety harnesses properly. And the most commonly used method of most professional cleaning companies is rappelling. Rappelling is the up and down movement in high rise buildings, much the same way as mountaineers rappel up and down the mountain face. Rappelling is basically the controlled descent down a rope. The equipment used to carry out this activity includes ropes, anchors, descending devices, fall protection harness, carabiners and personal safety equipment such as gloves, helmets, boots and kneepads. This method is really risky, therefore special care is needed to ensure that the working personnel are safe from any potential harm. The platform, ropes and pulleys are the three major components of the mechanism used for cleaning surfaces at heights. The professionals who set up the mechanism should always check the grade of material being used and the load bearing capacity listed on the packaging so that no accidents can occur even under harsh working conditions.

High rise building cleaning has become quite the profession nowadays as more and more building owners rely on professional window cleaners to do the maintenance for them.

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