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do's and don't during and after pregnancy

by bellysolution

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Women undergoes serious health conditions or can say their body become very responsive to any internal or external changes in their surroundings.  This not only results fatal to their body ,but, at the same time to their baby growing in the womb.  Health defects like morning sickness, constipation and tiredness are usual problems  faced by them.  Women should be consistently under health check up as soon as there is a realization about their pregnancy.  Certain essential things related to food intake and physical exertion should be most taken care off.  Alcoholic beverages are the most dangerous of them all where it might affect the liver of the growing baby. The liver might malfunction due to its premature stage  which results in miscarriage.  Otherwise, the baby born might face heart defect or behavioral disorder.

But, cases are also seen where mothers  gave birth to healthy baby even after heavy alcohol consumption which should not be mistaken with wrong information. At times healthy immune system of parents comes to the rescue of their children, but, again nobody knows  whose body got the highest immunity.  So, this factor can never be taken for granted.  Girdle women are also advisable that too much stress on belly should not be given during pregnancy days as this can be complimented 2 to 3 weeks after the baby is born by using corset for weight loss.

Another point of concern is smoking habits of women. Smoking and drug intake during pregnancy will be severely fatal to baby’s  birth. Defects like growth deformity and abnormality is very well seen among the babies.  Drugs are the most dangerous which affects the placenta during the pregnancy days.  Sudden death syndrome is also seen in infants due to these negative habits.  There are mothers who are erstwhile smokers have tried their best to quit with smoking and drugs by using chewing gum or attending drug relief centre.  Other habits of concern are type of food consumption by pregnant women. Mainly sea foods like lobster, prawn, shell fish etc  consumption are advised to be avoided during the pregnancy days as these foods are allergic to the mother and the baby as well.  Non vegetaranian  foods like meat , egg and fishes are not recommended for raw consumption due to the presence of small amount of bacterial. All fruits and vegetables should be washed and properly cleaned  and cooked before eating.  Cheese, spicy foods,  mayonnaise and ice cream can also be consumed by mother and baby.  Another interesting don’t for pregnant mother can be consumption of 200 mg of caffeine per day. Caffeine content be found in cola, tea, coffee or chocolates, so, care should be taken while eating.

Other hazardous things like dealing with chemicals in the form of hair dye or with animal potty. Animal potty carries harmful bacteria which might harm baby’s health. Exposure to chemical risk includes avoiding products and foods containing chemicals.  But, instead of getting too much concern about silly things mothers should wash their hand properly feeding anything.  Mother should try to stay healthy even after child birth and undergo weight loss by using post baby belly band.

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