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Conscious for Health? Try Sugarless Products!


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As per the statement given by Kim Kardashian, the famous Hollywood actress, and a well-known celebrity, she is an ice cream, cookies and Kit Kats lover and that she eats sugar approximately five times in a day showing her deep love towards sugar. Sugar is something which is often linked with happiness in human culture. We never forget to ask for some cookies, or sweets, at special occasions, and every human being on the planet is fond of sugar. The carbohydrate crystals seem so smooth when mixed with any kind of liquid, and improve the taste by multiple folds. Well the actual problems start arising when you start gaining some special medical problems on account of excessive consumption of sugar, and your doctor advises you to take sugarless meals and liquids.

People suffering from diabetes, or obesity, often find it very hard to say no to sugar, especially when it has been integrated deeply into their daily routine. You might have seen that a number of weight watchers do advise their customers to keep a check on the amount of sugar they intake every day. Now the question that arises is do health conscious people, or diabetic patients have no right to enjoy the unique sweet taste in life?

Of course life for such people does not stop here. The market today is full of substitute compounds with zero sugar. These substitutes offer the taste of sugar, with a bit lower food energy, and free from any type of side effects. These sweetener compounds have similar sweet taste, and are especially a boon for diabetic patients. They are even tooth friendly, and have high stable structure making them suitable for various low calorie meals. They help you in weight loss, take care of your dental problems, and are cheaper as compared to traditional sugar in most of the countries.

Sugar pills from Lanouba contain the natural ingredient of Maltitol which is substantiated by both the animals and human beings as per different products. According to the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization and world Health Organization Expert Committees, no restrictions have been imposed on maximum amount of Maltitol as the element is completely harmless. It is one of the members of Polyol family, which is used in different foods around the globe as an alternative of sugar. Lanouba is probably the only company in the world offering extensive range of sugarfree marshmallows that too, with chocolate encasing as an alternative option.

Maltitol is basically prepared by hydrogenation of disaccharide maltose, obtained from purified starch. It is available in the form of crystalline powder, as well as Maltitol syrup. This element contains low carbohydrates levels, which in turn helps you in weight maintenance, as carbohydrate is one of the most important factors behind obesity. Items like sugar, glucose, potato are high in carbohydrates. Cutting down the intake of these items can help you solve weight related issues to maximum extent. There are innumerable advantages associated with switching from traditional sugar to sugar alternatives without compromising with the sweetness dissolved in your life. The whole world is witnessing the change, and it’s your turn now to check the new trend in market, and feel the change yourself.


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