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Slidell Sedation Dentist Offers Options to Deal with Dental

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Many patients suffer from dental anxiety, and avoid necessary dental treatment while putting their oral health in danger. Dr. Kopfler and team with Slidell Sedation Dentistry is proud to offer sedation dentistry treatment, a method of helping patients that suffer from dental anxiety undergo dental treatment that they would not otherwise be able to tolerate. During treatment, sedatives administered by a dental professional allow patients to feel calm and relaxed. For those reluctant to visit the dentist regularly because they are afraid of the dentist, there is no longer a need to worry! Comfortable dental treatment is available!


For those suffering from severe dental anxiety, it is very important to schedule a consultation with a trusted dental professional to discuss fears and treatment solutions. Overall health should also be discussed to ensure that the Dentist is aware of any underlying medical problems that may impact the sedation treatment option used.


Many sedation treatment options are available for patients depending on individual levels of dental anxiety. In most cases, sedatives include: medication, intravenous therapy, or nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas.” Additional treatments include anti-anxiety medications and tranquilizers. Individual cases will be evaluated, and sedatives will be administered in various degrees and doses. Any physical pain involved with the procedure may be reduced by use of a local anesthetic.


Modern sedation dentistry enables patients to comfortably and successfully undergo lengthy dental procedures.


- Patients enjoy the opportunity to relax during much-needed dental treatment. There is no longer a need to worry about the consequences of delaying necessary treatment due to dental anxiety!

- Smile makeovers and other cosmetic procedures are now readily available for patients without any pain or anxiety.


For the millions of patients who experience nervousness at the mere thought of a visit to the dentist, sedation dentistry is here to help! Call the General Dentist Slidell, LA today to arrange a free consultation. Our team is happy to work with patients to make their dream smile a reality!

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