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Walk in clinic – Have you ever been to one?

by WalkInClinic

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Have you ever found finding a doctor’s appointment a hassle? When you have a flu or something that requires you to seek medical attention but is not a real emergency, it can often lead to long waiting hours outside doctor’s office. This is when going to a walk in clinic is a smart move. These clinics can be located anywhere from strip malls, megastores, drugstores, Walgreens, Wall-Mart, to major shopping malls and community centers.


There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of these clinics and the number is expected to grow many folds in the coming years. The need for cheaper, faster, and convenient healthcare is fueling the trend. More and more patients face problems seeking timely doctor appointments in view of increasing number of patients. Moreover, these clinics are easy to afford as compared to paying hefty prices at the specialty departments of the hospitals.


Many of the walk in centers offer discounted testing for medical conditions and for uninsured. Not only they are less expensive but they are faster than visiting to primary care physician. You can even opt to minimize the little time taken to wait at these clinics by seeking a telephonic or online consultation.


Sometimes for minor illnesses like sore throat or ear ache, people prefer to take over the counter medications but with the persistence of symptoms, those with no primary care physician do not know where to do. Walk in facilities provide solution to this problem. You need not agonize over the fact where to go in case of routine illnesses. These clinics are treated as somewhere between physician’s office and the emergency room as you need not avail an appointment to get in but you can seek quick treatment.


If you are looking for a suitable walk in facility to seek medical care in the hour of need, you can seek help of Internet. You can visit sites of various walk in clinics and look for the ones that are close to your vicinity. The doctors at these clinics will not rush you in any way and are very patient to listen to all your problems and queries.


If you have a cold, sore throat, minor allergy or a bug of some kind that is not likely to get serious, you can seek solution from visiting a nearby walk in healthcare center. They are a perfect resort to seek quality care coupled with fast service.


Walk In Clinic of NYC offers quick and quality medical care to the patients. The prompt, affordable, and same day appointments at the convenient walk in clinic located at Manhattan are best to serve the needs of travelers and patients unable to reach their primary care physician. To know more about them, log on to




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  • dialurdoctor
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