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2 Guns, the new R-rated action/comedy starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, is, in a nutshell, Lethal Weapon by way of Peckinpah. Watch 2 Guns Online Free. Which is to say, the leads are a pair of snap-talking mismatched guys on a bullet-riddled adventure they didn’t ask for, but the adventure is set in the sun bleached Mexican border territory, where dust is kicked up regularly by varmints and vandals. It lacks any and all the gravitas that Peckinpah ever offered, although it does feature a severed head in a bag, in a Mexican bar, no less. So there’s that. Watch 2 Guns Online Free

Watch 2 Guns Movie Online There’s also a lot of likeable chemistry going on between Washington and Wahlberg, who are surprisingly well matched, despite the over-written banter they’ve been given. Download 2 Guns Movie Free. They begin the film working together as the most nonchalant criminal duo to ever strut into a greasy spoon diner. But it isn’t long before the film’s twist (a so-so but perfectly workable one, as far as such twists go) reveals them to be working to different ends, and they’re thrust against one another. Systemic corruption factors in, as does Washington’s character’s murky love life, but really we don’t care about any of that. We just want to see the 2 Guns get back together, and ride off with the insanely huge pile of cash they properly stole. Watch The 2 Guns Online or Download Movie Free Today. Download 2 Guns Movie

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