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, Different yet having lots of spice in having swinger lifes

by Johnsmith29

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The term swinging is used to describe the act of having more than one partner for having sexual pleasure other than the primary partner. Yet this kind of activity is free from any guilt because the entire act of having someone other than the main or the primary partner is done with full consent of the primary or the main partner. It is mutually agreed and thus swingers lifestyle is different than a normal lifestyles.

If anybody has become curious and wants to experience multiple partners and don’t know how to convince your partner then one should not go for this. Please don’t go ahead and cheat your partner as this in the future will spoil your relationship. So, to maintain swingers lifestyle it is important to have mutual understanding among the partners.

Certain fears:

There are lots of questions that are required to be answered before one moves into a lifestyle where you will enjoy more than one partner and will have a different sexual life. Sometimes individuals have feeling of insecurity like if their partner fall in love with someone else and leave them. If the swingers lifestyle does not suite the couple and if secondary partner is not good looking and not good in bed. If not mutually agreed and one of the partner cheats the other then what will happen.

It has been seen that to say that the couples are planning for swinging but it is difficult to get into swingers lifestyle. It has been seen that many relationship get spoiled due to hastily taken decisions.  It has been seen that sometimes it brings more complexities in life than before. So, it is very much essential that both the individuals in relation should be very much mentally prepared before taking the decision of swinging in their life.

Practicing swinging does not mean that one along with their partner can go and sleep with anybody and everybody.  Generally those who enter in these kinds of lifestyles are soft swingers. They mostly engage themselves in oral or other activities and they mostly avoid full penetrative sex. In some case it has been seen that couples in the same room get engaged with bisexual women where the women is the only source of contact.

Why Swing?

It has been seen that after getting into a swingers lifestyle the couples are having greater quality of sex life and they are experiencing it more frequently than ever before. Sometimes it adds spice to the fading sexual life of individuals. This kind of lifestyle has brought life changing experiences in the life of many couples.

In today’s world the young couples are engaging in swingers lifestyle to add spice to their life and experience new and better ways of leading their life. In many cases it helps to develop new and deeper friendship with other individuals and enjoy a very fun filed and exciting sex life. So, it is advised to couples who wants to add some spice to their sex life and have tried every means  to do so and failed may think for swinging.


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