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How Popular Is Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

by AaronRollison

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Cosmetic surgery procedures have seen numerous advancements and have become popular with both men and women looking for an improved body contour. Many of the new procedures are minimally invasive and very safe. Just as breast augmentation, buttocks augmentation is also a favorite with women. Brazilian butt augmentation is a natural method of enhancing the buttocks, which also ensures great-looking results.

What Is Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Just like other procedures of buttock enhancement, this procedure too helps in contouring the buttocks so that their appearance becomes more pleasing. In this, the patient’s own fat from other body parts is used for the augmentation. Typically, fat is removed from the upper thighs and stomach of the patient before it is transplanted to the buttocks. Sometimes, the surgeon would perform this concurrently with tummy tuck.

Why Has Brazilian Butt Lift Gained Popularity?

The buttocks are a body part that is difficult to shape with exercise and diet. Women cherish shapely, round buttocks that would make the waist and thighs look smaller making the body look more proportionate. With curvaceous body shapes appreciated more now, women are looking to achieve rounded buttocks that would make them look more appealing.

There is a risk of infection associated with buttock augmentation using implants. Moreover, it does not feel natural too. Recovery time is also longer. All these factors make women choose fat transfer buttock augmentation that has a shorter recovery time, and is a natural method. Unlike augmentation using implants, there is no risk of rejection as the patient’s own body fat is used. The patients feel comfortable with the fact that no foreign material has been introduced into their body.

The Procedure

Brazilian butt augmentation has evolved a great deal and now provides better aesthetic results. The procedure involves removing fat from donor sites via liposuction. This fat is processed and injected into the buttocks uniformly via very small injections across the area to be enhanced. The added advantage of this procedure is that the body areas from which excess fat is removed become well-contoured. Here is a quick look at the benefits offered by Brazilian butt lift.

  • No foreign object is used for the procedure
  • Ensures a natural feel and appearance
  • No chance of rejection
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Donor areas are well-sculpted
  • Smaller incisions, therefore less scarring.

Brazilian butt augmentation is surely gaining immense popularity as an effective body contouring option. The best results can however, be ensured only by an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon. The treatment should be provided at an advanced plastic surgery center that has a reputation for providing successful Brazilian butt lift procedures.

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Your buttocks can be made more alluring with new buttock enhancement procedures that are safe as well as very effective. Individuals who desire a beautiful, rounded, and firmly shaped posterior can benefit from the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure.

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