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One of the Best Liquid Storage Tanks

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If you are looking for one of the finest storage tanks, then, Joemillars is the place to be. Joemillars Aquatek is a brand name for storage tanks. They manufacture tanks for industrial, rural and domestic purposes, in different sizes and capacity.

Joemillars Liquid Storage Tanks use the latest membrane technology in their manufacturing plants. These tanks could be used for storing water, fuel or chemicals. Since they cater to such a large variety of storage options, their products go through strict quality checks before leaving the factory. This company has a huge customer base, starting from single unit homes to huge manufacturing plants. The different products available with them are;

    • Fire Water Storage Tanks
    • Drinking Water Storage Tanks
    • Soft Water Storage Tanks
    • Effluents Storage Tanks
    • Water Storage for Housing Colony
    • Portable Tanks

    • Joemillars Liquid Storage Tanks are made from Zincalume metal sheets, which are far more corrosion resistant and many times stronger than Galvanized steel. This coating is a mixture of both zinc and aluminum which provides a protective layer to the tank's body. The tanks that are manufactured for drinking water storage has multilayer food grade PVC coating. These tanks are custom made to survive extreme conditions like cyclone, heavy thunder showers, excessive heat and severe cold.

      Joemillars tanks are specially designed with a dome roof to let rain water slide down and not get pooled at the top. This design also provides adequate ventilation inside the tank for control atmospheric pressure caused by weather changes. A dome roof is also self supporting and stronger than the flat roofs.

      The capacity of Joemillars Liquid Storage Tanks range between 50,000 Liters to 3,000,000 Liters, these tanks designed to store large quantity of water for both temporary and permanent storage.

      The various components that are used to manufacture the perfect storage tank are also fabricated in Joemillars factory. This helps the company to maintain total quality control of the final product. Every item goes through a quality check before commencing to the next level of production. The quality management that is followed in this company are as directed by IS0 9001:2008 Systems, and the safety standards are met according to the specifications of American Water Works Association Standard no. D-103. Thus making Joemillars Liquid Storage Tanks one of the safest tanks to use.

      Once you visit their website and select a tank of your choice you will have an option to look into every detail regarding that particular product. There are complete details of the physical properties, chemical properties and technical data of the tank. There are also guidelines for packing, storing and maintaining the storage tank. Apart from this you may also avail their services in transporting and installing the tank at your requisite destination.

        are one of the best available in India. They provide superior quality, extensive variety and great customer service. Their transparency regarding their products makes them far more credible compared to their competitors. For further details on their storage tanks visit

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